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Eat Well for Your Heart and Reap a Brain Bonus
November 24th, 2009

Canadians following heart-smart diets will be happy to know that what’s good for the heart is also good for the brain, experts say.

Earth & Health Friendly Holiday Recipes
November 24th, 2009

The holidays are a great time to treat yourself to delicious, nutritious and Earth-friendly meals.

Ask NASA to End Cruel Radiation Testing on Monkeys
November 24th, 2009

NASA is funding needless space radiation studies that will use live monkeys as subjects. You can help stop the torture.

Sleep Beneficial for Decision-making
November 23rd, 2009

Don’t let a nap time pass by without taking advantage of it! A new research suggests that people who are deprived of sleep may put themselves and even others, at the risk when they make split-second decisions.

Boost Your Immune System
November 22nd, 2009

…and beat the flu season

Fruit and Vegetables ‘Improve Complexion More Than Tan’
November 18th, 2009

Faces are more attractive when they have a “golden glow”, but the effect is better achieved by eating fruit and vegetables than by getting a tan, according to researchers.

Egyptian Mummies Had Clogged Arteries
November 18th, 2009

Rich Egyptians living 3,500 years ago may have been walking around with the same clogged arteries that modern Americans now battle, according to a presentation Monday at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting.

Indian Girls Say “No” to Being Child Brides
November 14th, 2009

Despite a 2006 law banning the age-old practice, most parents in rural India still want to marry off their daughters before the legal age of 18, but now more girls are just saying no to child marriage.

Woman Crippled by Vaccine Cured by Nutrition
November 14th, 2009

A victim of vaccine poisoning doomed to a wheelchair by the medical mafia has been cured by alternative and sane treatments.

High Lysine GM Maize Withdrawn, Safety Concerns
November 12th, 2009

A much touted second generation “nutritionally enhanced” GM crop bites the dust, as company fails to address serious health concerns; but don’t suppose that regulation will triumph

Cardiovascular Risks from Flu Vaccines
November 12th, 2009

Overstimulation of the immune system may trigger acute heart disease and sudden deaths in the increasing number of people with atherosclerosis; this hidden risk of mass vaccination programmes against swine flu could far outweigh the benefits.

High-risk Regulated Foods
November 12th, 2009

Common sense isn’t that common, they say. In fact, getting a food-borne illness is more common than having simple logic.

Food-borne Ills Can Have Lasting Consequences
November 12th, 2009

More than just a bad bout of stomach flu, some food-borne illnesses can cause long-term consequences, especially for young people, a report released on Thursday has found.

What Kids Drink At 5 Could Affect Weight At 15
November 9th, 2009

Parents may be setting their daughters up for weight problems simply by allowing them to drink two or more sweetened drinks daily while young, study findings hint.

Kucinich Stands up Against Health Care Madness
November 8th, 2009

Once again, Dennis Kucinich was one of the very few who did the right thing by voting NO on the seriously flawed health care bill.

Are Proposition 65 Warnings Healthful or Hurtful?
November 3rd, 2009

Because of Proposition 65, alarming notices began appearing in California reminding everyone of the presence of “chemicals known to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

A Scramble To Harness the Metabolic Power of Brown Fat
November 3rd, 2009

Americans spend millions each year searching for the right diet or exercise program — all in an effort to shed some fat. But there’s one type of fat that most would probably like to hold on to: brown fat.

How Long Does OJ Keep Before It Loses Vitamins?
November 3rd, 2009

Most people do not know that the health benefits they expect from orange juice and other natural drinks slowly diminish the moment they expose it in the open.

What Soft Drinks Are Doing To Your Body
November 3rd, 2009

Soda, pop, cola, soft drink — whatever you call it, is one of the worst beverages that you could be drinking for your health. While others debate for whether to put a tax on the sale of soft drinks, you should know how soft drinks affect your body.

TV Makes Toddlers Rotten
November 3rd, 2009

Most child psychologists agree that TV is damaging to young children and a new study proves it.

Enzyme Aids Spine Repair
November 2nd, 2009

U.S. researchers have engineered an enzyme that can gobble up scar tissue formed after spinal cord injuries, overcoming a key hurdle to getting injured nerves to reconnect and heal.

Two U.S. Deaths Possible in Beef Recall
November 2nd, 2009

An outbreak of food-borne illness, linked to dangerous bacteria in ground beef, sickened 28 people and caused at least one death, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday.

Autism Becoming Epidemic
November 2nd, 2009

Autism rates are skyrocketing in the United States where at least 1 in 100 children are now born with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA
November 2nd, 2009

New ultra-high frequency surveillance are about to be unleashed which destroy the DNA of whoever they are pointed at.

Diet Soda Is Poison
November 1st, 2009

Be warned – diet soda, chewing gum and many other products contain aspartame, a powerful toxin that is hazardous to your health.

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