Wireless Industry Caught in Massive Fraud

In 2010 the cell phone industry published the results of the widely touted 'Interphone' study to show that cell phones were safe, even though the data showed the opposite. Researchers have exposed the lie by doing a real analysis of the data.

Long-term use of  cell phones (mobiles) do indeed cause brain tumors, independent researchers have confirmed from the same data that was misinterpreted to support wireless industry lies about cell phone safety.  The study was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography.

The $25 million Interphone study was funded with only 25% from the wireless industry and was supposed to have been an honest, unbiased study. However,  industry influence (bribes & threats) ensured that the study was mere marketing propaganda. Because the wireless industry carries so much weight with billions in advertising, the mass media were more than eager to publish the lies about the studies results and even made the outrageous lie that cell phones help prevent cancer.

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